On the first day at Camp Sabattis, every scout and adult is required to take the swim test, administered by staff life guards. There are three levels of swimmer qualification at camp:

  • The first is Blue Tag, or "Swimmer." Blue Tag swimmers are entitled to swim in any area of the waterfront, can take any waterfront merit badge, can attempt the Mile Swim, and can use a rowboat or canoe with a blue tag or red tag buddy.
  • Red Tag swimmers, or "Beginners," have a somewhat lower swimming skill than blue tags. They can swim in the Beginner and Non-Swimmer areas of the waterfront, and can use canoes and rowboats so long as they are accompanied by a blue tag buddy.
  • White Tag swimmers, or "Non-Swimmers" have a comparitively low swimming ability, and either failed the other swim tests, or chose not to take them. They are restricted to the Non-Swimmer area of the waterfront. White Tags can use rowboats and canoes ONLY when accompanied by a Certified BSA Lifeguard.

  • Because of the restrictions of White and Red Tag swimmers on canoeing abilities, it is important that Troop 400 have as many Blue Tag swimmers as possible for our Canoe Trip. We have two resident BSA lifeguards in our troop, limiting the total possible number of allowable White Tag swimmers to four. Thus, we encourage our scouts to at least try for the Red Tag swim test, if they are uncomfortable with the Blue Tag test. The majority of scouts pass the Blue Tag test. Refer to the diagram below to see what is expected of the Blue Tag Test (located in the swimmer area), and the Red Tag Test (located in the beginner area). White Tag certification requires no test.